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Special Education Law in Daytona Beach

Any parent of a child with a disability who is having a problem at school has the right to enlist a lawyer focused on special education law in Daytona Beach. Is your child falling behind and the school not doing anything about it? Perhaps your child is in exceptional student education (ESE) and has an individualized education program (IEP) and is being moved along, but there are no academic gains. Maybe your child has not been identified as a special education student and is not receiving services, but you would like to pursue this option.

We Know Special Education Law

At the law firm of Gerard V. Muriello, Attorney at Law, we are uniquely positioned to address these matters. Before becoming an attorney, Gerard V. Muriello was trained as a school psychologist, and worked as a child and family therapist, behavior analyst and exceptional student education compliance officer. In other words, we have inside knowledge of how the school and the school district handle these matters. That knowledge can benefit you.

When you come to us, you can be confident that we know what steps have to be taken to get your child the education he or she needs. Whether an IEP needs to be created, it needs to be revised or it simply is not being properly implemented by teachers, we can help. We will attend building level IEP meetings with you. We will push these matters to due process hearings if that is what it takes to get things done.

Along the way, you can be confident in our ability to explain everything to you. We can analyze assessment reports. Staffing specialists may simply read out testing scores and not address the meaning of standard scores and percentile rank. We will. We will also hold school staff and school districts accountable for doing their jobs and educating your child.

Ormond Beach Special Education Advocate

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