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Daytona Beach Estate Planning & Probate Attorney

At the law firm of Gerard V. Muriello, Attorney at Law, we create comprehensive estate plans that may include one or more of the following:

For a Daytona Beach estate planning lawyer, the first step should be to listen. Our goal is to create a customized estate plan that meets your needs and the needs of your family, so we will take the time to listen and learn about your situation and your assets.

Wills Versus Trusts

For many people, a will is really all the estate planning that is necessary. We will never push you into getting a trust or a more complicated estate plan than you truly need.

A will is often best utilized for distributing personal property, particularly assets that do not have titles. It can dictate who gets certain heirlooms and how the bank account will be distributed. A trust, on the other hand, can work very well for distributing titled assets, like cars or real estate in Florida and other states. We will carefully analyze your case to determine if you should have a standalone will or both a will and a trust.

Special Needs Trusts

One of the strengths of trusts is that they are flexible and can achieve many different goals. One of those goals is to address the unique needs of children with special needs. Our lawyer, Gerard V. Muriello, comes from a background that involves helping special needs children, so we are particularly understanding of how to create effective estate plans in these cases.

Port Orange Attorney For Wills And Trusts

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