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Daytona Beach Paternity Lawyer

At the law firm of Gerard V. Muriello, Attorney at Law, we truly enjoy helping parents with paternity actions. We enjoy standing beside fathers who are stepping up and trying to do the right thing by becoming part of the child's life. We enjoy standing beside mothers who are reaching out for help to get the financial support needed to raise the child. These are family law cases in which the focus is on the child, and we take pride in helping.

Initiation Of Paternity Cases

Paternity actions are typically initiated by a mother seeking child support or a father seeking child custody. Occasionally, they are initiated by the Florida Department of Revenue. This happens if the mother has obtained public assistance. The state will want to make certain that the father is first made to pay his share of the costs of raising the child.

How Paternity Is Established

In some cases, the father may acknowledge paternity in writing and that is all that is necessary. The father may voluntarily agree to a DNA test to verify with absolute certainty that he is the child's father. If the father denies paternity, a judge may issue a court order for the father to undergo DNA testing.

After paternity is established, our Daytona Beach paternity lawyer will assist with the creation of a parenting plan and the calculation of child support payments.

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