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Marriage Counseling On A Limited Budget


Arguments over money has been listed as a major causative factor in divorce for a long time. The idea that couples fighting over money issues should spend money on marriage counseling appears counterintuitive…however, If a marriage is in trouble, paying for a marriage therapist is still cheaper financially and emotionally than a divorce. The damage and trauma inflicted on children alone during a divorce make counseling a worthy investment if needed.

All the same, if the money isn't there, the money isn't there. But fortunately, there are other options. If both partners are willing, there are some low cost choices to consider.

Health Insurance – This can be a tough nut to crack, but is a viable option under certain situations. Most failing marriages don't constitute a health situation in the eyes of insurers, but if there are contributing factors like clinical depression or bi-polar disorder present, it may be enough to warrant coverage.

Universities – Even the most accomplished therapist had to start somewhere. Much like dentistry, graduate students working toward degrees in marriage counseling or family therapy will often offer their services at a fraction of the cost for the sake of the practical experience. Any consultations are conducted under the watchful eye of a licensed instructor.

Human Resources – Some larger companies include some degree of marriage counseling as part of employee wellness programs. If it does, usually it covers a certain number of counseling sessions, and it would be prudent to explore this possibility if you work for a big corporation.

Religious Outreach - Local churches and institutions often offer low cost marriage counseling as part of their community outreach programs, and many pastors are frequently licensed to practice family counseling.

Veterans Programs – There are numerous resources available to veterans at low or no cost that cover among other things, mental health and family/marriage counseling. Websites like and the mental health group of Veteran Affairs are excellent avenues to consider if applicable.

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