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Contempt and Enforcement Lawyer in Daytona Beach

Often, a party in a Marital or Family Law case will violate a provision of a court order. The type of violation determines whether the action then brought is for Contempt or for Enforcement. Contempt is a specific enforcement remedy reserved for support-related matters, such as Child Support and Alimony, and carries with it the threat of incarceration. Sometimes, non-support financial obligations such as health insurance premiums and uncovered medical expenses for a minor child can be defines as Child Support in a Final Judgment for enforcement purposes as Contempt. The term is also used for violations of Time-Sharing, however incarceration is not often an option in those situations.

Violations of other provisions of a Parenting Plan, Equitable Distribution, and any other provisions of a Final Judgment are brought as Enforcement actions, and carry their own potential set of remedies and sanctions.

An award of Attorney Fees and Costs may be granted to the moving party if the other party is found to have willfully and voluntarily violated a court order. Attorney Gerard V. Muriello can discuss and analyze what actions may be available to enforce violations of court orders, and what your available remedies are under the circumstances and Florida Law.

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