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Pre-Marital Legal Consultations and Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements can be complex documents that serve the purpose of defining both spouses’ rights and obligations in the event of a future divorce. What they can do, in essence, is circumvent significant portions of Florida’s Marital and Family Law statutes. By contract, a party can waive their statutory rights to certain aspects of Equitable Distribution or Alimony in favor of pre-defined awards. In a Marital Property state like Florida, this can often be to the detriment of the spouse in the inferior financial position.

In his experience, Attorney Gerard V. Muriello has found that most people who come into the office for a consultation on a prenuptial agreement do not, in fact need one. What they do need, however, is a little education. No one wants to think about getting divorced before they’ve even married, but it is important to know now what to expect later – just in case.

Attorney Muriello is offering a new and unique service in this area – Pre-Marital Legal Consulting. For a regular hourly-rate fee, Attorney Muriello will sit with you and your future spouse and give you an overview of Florida Law, particularly as it pertains to Equitable Distribution upon divorce. You will learn what constitutes pre-marital, non-marital, and marital property. Typically, pre- and non-marital property remain such at the time of a divorce. However there are many circumstances where all or part of your pre- or non-marital property may become marital, and therefore subject to distribution, simply because you didn’t know you were doing it.

Attorney Muriello will spend all the time you need to discuss these general issues, learn about the specifics of your situation, and help develop a plan for maintaining your individual property. The various forms of Alimony available in Florida can and will be discussed as well, and all your questions answered.

If, after your consultation, one of both of you still feel a prenuptial agreement in appropriate and necessary, Attorney Muriello will of course be happy to work with you in a collaborative manner to reach an agreement acceptable to both parties.

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