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It is not unusual for people to feel emotionally broken when faced with a family law matter. Their lives have been turned upside down, or are about to be turned upside down. At the very least, there is often a level of stress for which people are unprepared.

At the law firm of Gerard V. Muriello, Attorney at Law, we take care not only to help people through the legal issue, but to help them deal with the stress. When people are going through a divorce or another family law matter, we want them to know that this is the first step into a new life. Yes, the future is unknown, but it is better than what is being left behind. With us on your side, you can be confident that you will be positioned for a future you can be happy with.

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We handle a wide range of family law issues, including:

No matter what challenge you face, we encourage you to contact us first to find out how our Daytona Beach family law attorney can help.

Family Law Cases Involving Special Needs Children

Our lawyer, Gerard V. Muriello, was trained as a school psychologist, and worked as a child and family therapist, behavior analyst and exceptional student education compliance officer. We understand how a child is impacted in a divorce or child custody case. We also understand the unique challenges that may arise when a child with special needs is involved. We will help you do what is right for your child.

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